Sandyford Stoveater





Width 500mm, Body 460mm, Height 835mm, Depth 570mm (including front projection)

5 years guarantee on all parts (except consumables, glass, etc)

Wood-fired carbon neutral fuel.

Stoveater with cleanburn technology.

Exceptionally eco-friendly outstanding performance.

Near-zero smoke emission with virtually instant controllability.

Manufactured by Forward Fabrications Ltd.  Manufacturers of  stoves and boilers to the heating trade.

All our stoves and boilers are manufactured at our factory in Derbyshire.  We do not buy Chinese castings or steel.  Only high quality casting and heavy gauge steel is used.

There is no need to worry about electric or gas bills anymore.  With the Stoveater you can boil a kettle and saucepan and slow cook in the bottom oven.

Just one lever and one front spinner controls the Stoveater.

WOW - real baked potatoes in 3 hours.  Fast boiling kettle and saucepan.

Available as a woodburning stove only or hot water only.  Boiler outputs up to 35,000/40,000 BTU's.  There is a slow cooking bottom oven.

All boiler models have automatic vent fitting.