Sandyford Ecomatic




Approximate Height 910mm, Width 920mm (960mm with lids up), Depth 600mm.  Also available 1000mm wide with figure 8 hotplate.

Weight (dependent on specification) approximately 390 kgs.

Available as cooker only or with a hot water boiler, or even a central heating/water boiler up to 35/40,000 BTU's.

There are 3 ovens and 2 large hotplates.

This is one of the few cookers on the market that is carbon neutral.

All the cast iron used is produced in England and the cookers are hand-built in our modern workshop in Derbyshire.

The Ecomatic Woodburning Cooker is a beautiful looking range cooker with 3 ovens and 2 large round hotplates.

Once lit the Ecomatic oven temperature in the large top oven can heat up to 200 degrees C within 30 minutes, making the Ecomatic one of the most efficient cookers available. 

All our boilers have a 5 year guarantee.

We also hand-build the MARSHALL WOODBURNING COOKER.  This is a large range cooker with 3 ovens which is suitable for a farmhouse or large kitchen.  Height 920mm, Height to top of lid dome (open) 1410mm, Width 1065mm, Depth 700mm.

Sandyford also manufacture oil-fired, electric, flueless gas range cookers and woodburning stoves.

Please see our websites www.sandyford.co.uk www.marshallcookers.co.uk and www.woodcooker.co.uk