Sandyford Ecomatic Gemini

The Sandyford Ecomatic Gemini Dual Fuel Electric and Wood-fired.

Beautiful wood-fired cooker available with a boiler up to 40,000 BTU's.  With just a small amount of wood, you can be cooking within 15 minutes.  Fast kettle and boiling saucepan.  Just one lever and spinner controls the oven temperatures.  Available with or without the glass firebox door.  In the summer no need to light the wood fire, just switch on the electric cooker side.

Exceptionally eco-friendly.  Outstanding performance.  The wood burns to a fine powder (this can be used on your garden).  The cooker has 5 ovens and 3 large hotplates.

We believe this to be the only British manufactured wood-fired/electric cooker available.  The electric has 2 ovens with fan oven and grill and hot plate all temperature controlled.  Ecomatic built like no other electric cooker.

Approx dimensions:- Height 910mm, Width 1410mm, Depth 600mm